About Me

Hi, My Name is Niki.
I’m 21 and I travel a lot. That’s because right now I am in an Erasmus Master degree program that makes me move between Antwerp, in Belgium and Vienna in Austria every semester. If you add to that the fact that my parents live in France and I grew up in the US, you can imagine how much I move around.

I am quite passionate about biology, I really am! And by following my education this far I’ve proved that point.
But at one point I had a “Eureka” moment where I figured out I really didn’t want to do a PhD like I thought was expected of me. Nope. I want to be a taxidermist! So, once I finish my masters I will be on the lookout for a master taxidermist to whom I can be the apprentice. Exciting right? To be honest that’s all I think about right now.

I have always been obsessed by animals, but a couple of years ago I found out about the Vulture Culture community on tumblr and instantly became a part of it. So I started collecting bones, stones and even roadkill and haven’t stopped since.
To keep my collection from overflowing, I use the remains I found in jewelry and other art, which I sell in my etsy shop called FallowMe.


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